Mark Bassett is vibrant, enthusiastic, warm, slick, hip, new-age and fun-loving personality who would be absolutely perfect for just about anyone's special day!

Bill Parton Trio , ( wedding party band )

For anyone getting married, I couldn't recommend Mark more highly. We wanted fun and that's what we got!! Thank you to Mark for being amazing and for being so organised. I didn't bother doing a rehearsal or anything before our day because I just had that feeling that he would calm everyone and just go with the flow! Share him around everyone, 10/10 for his service!

Amanda & Cameron, April 2015

Perfect! We wanted a fun loving celebrant to make us feel relaxed but yet have some fun and scare away the nerves....Funny guy too! Recommend to absolutely anyone!

Caley C , January 2015

Thank you so very much for making our wedding such a special and unique occasion – we loved every second of it. We stayed for ages! We have had such good feedback from friends and family and both D and I believe it’s the best wedding we’ve ever been to. You helped and advised and supported – a very sincere and heartfelt thank you from us both.

Liz & David , August 2014